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fraudLog is an advanced secure IP fraud and online identity theft surveillance system that allows web publishers to monitor access to their web content, ensure that their content in its entirety is not published on other websites and monitor online campaigns for click fraud and ad campaign performance. Should undesirable, suspicious, or illegal activities take place, an IP address access log (subject to EU GDPR tools configuration) can be used to challenge online fraudulent activities in legal cases with local jurisdiction courts. With an issuance of a police warrant, any specific IP address along with a timestamp can be resolved to an online fraud instance to track and pursue legal action against the responsible party with help of an ISP provider and their personal identity data on file.

To monitor and prevent online fraud or simply control a visitor flow and access to sensitive online documents, a reinforced traffic order flow can be achieved via configurable redirection rules based on information such as visitor geographical location, the system used, referrer data, number of page accesses and other visiting party data.

For example, a US-based online store may redirect visitors residing in geographic areas commonly associated with high volumes of online fraud transactions (such as South Africa), to an order form that requires extra steps of order verification. Online contact forms can be protected from spam via algorithmic detection of bots and scripts that post spam. With fully configurable EU GDPR compliance tools, the system allows for a fully compliance with the EU GDPR law while retaining the advanced capabilities of individual visitor surveillance.

fraudLog provides the most comprehensive website visitor data available while allowing customer traffic control along with online campaign monitoring. Individual visitors can be tagged and placed under long-term surveillance for future online activity analysis (Subject to EU GDPR directive).

Your connection IP data:

ISP:, Inc.
  United States
State:   Virginia
Hub City:   Ashburn
(Routed Internet Connection)
Timezone:   America/New_York

How to start using fraudLog? Click on the "Subscriptions" button at the top of the page. Select your desired LEVEL of subscription that corresponds to the required features.

If you have selected a free subscription, you will be taken to a page that has a selection of fraudLog tracking icons. Click on any icon to generate your tracking code. Once generated, you will need to place this code in the header of your website to start monitoring all of your pages. If the icon appears on all pages of your website then you have installed the website monitoring code properly. You will also be provided with instructions on how to activate and log in to your fraudLog account.

If you have selected a premium subscription, you will be taken to a checkout page, where you will be able to register your brand new fraudLog account. Once registered and activated, login to your fraudLog account and click on "Add New Project" link. Follow the on-screen prompts to generate your fraudLog monitoring code. Once generated, place it in the header of your online website or documents. If the icon appears on all pages and documents of your website, you have installed the code properly.

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